Jeanine Frumenti Consulting

Jeanine M. Frumenti, BSN, MPA, DNP, RN, CLNC

Professional Affiliations


Legal Nurse Consulting

I am a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC).  My strength is in clinical nursing practice and nursing standards of practice. I apply the nursing process to evaluating relevant, complex information and expertise, to attorneys practicing law in legal cases.  As a CLNC, my clinical consultations to attorneys have been regarding medical malpractice, personal injury, civil suits, risk management & root cause analysis, workers compensation & workplace injury and nurse practice & standards. 

I provide Expert Testimony, Expert Consulting Services and Legal Nurse Consulting services.

My Services Include:

  • Expert  Review and Expert Testimony
  • Provide a Root Cause Analysis of the Event for an Expert Review using JC & CMS standards.
  • Screening and investigating your cases for merit,
  • Evaluating any breach in the Standard of Care.
  • Conducting  assessments of compliance utilizing applicable and  relevant regulatory and accreditation standards,
  • Researching and analyzing the appropriate medical literature to reference  your case issues &/or matter in question.
  • Educating your legal team and jury on case-specific clinical areas.
  • Assisting in the preparation for Discovery: Interrogatories, Request for Production, Depositions
  • Generating written reports and timelines