Work Products

Regulatory Compliance:
Develop & Implement Policies & Procedures to ensure regulatory compliance
Provide evaluation and assistance for regulatory survey readiness  

Establish Evidenced Base Practice/ Standards of Care for Nursing

Frontline Ownership  
Engage staff  to understand that engagement with customers is imperative to the organizations growth and positive outcomes. 

Develop performance indicators that drive operational change at the staff level.

Performance Management -Business & Growth Initiatives
Identify and develop Clinical Programs to enhance care and drive clinical and financial outcomes
Enhance the level of nursing standards and skill set by education and  competency assessments.

Role model and develop policies to ensure the best and safest care to patients.

Executive Coaching  for Transformational Leadership Change
Engage staff in the development, ownership of processes, standards and policies; for sustainable change.
Develop Leaders from Transactional to Transformational Leaders, by using data, education and executive coaching.

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